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Minsk Residents to Mark 21st Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster with an Hour of Sorrow and Lit Candles to Sound of Chernobyl Bell

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The organizing committee for Chernobyl March – 2007 held a news conference on April 24th. The organizers gave information about the recent negotiations with Minsk authorities about the march on April 26th. They stressed, since the Minsk city executive committee did not permit the participants to gather on Yakub Kolas Square, the people would have to come to the Academy of Sciences. From there the people will march on Surhanava Street to Chernobyl chapel at Karastayanava Street (near Bangalore square).

At the same time the representatives of the organizing committee pointed out, yesterday Maskouski district court of Minsk received a complaint about the actions of the city administration, which had illegally and groundlessly changed the route requested by the organizers. The organizers suggested that the decision of Minsk city authorities should be postponed until the court hearing. Besides that, the organizers plan to continue negotiations with police about using the traffic way of Surhanava Street, since its sidewalks are under construction.

BPF leader Vincuk Viacorka said, Belarusian Popular Front initiated a project of regular assistance to children suffering from diseases which are the consequence of Chernobyl disaster. “We do not have a moral right to limit ourselves only to the day of April 26th, the day of Chernobyldisasater. The assistance should be rendered regularly”, -- he said. Vincuk Viacorka told about their visit to children’s cancer hospital in Barauliany. There they learned about the needs of the children, who are undergoing treatment, and their parents. He also spoke about the plans to render assistance to the children who permanently live in the contaminated areas.

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