Police Return Part of Confiscated Belongings to Levaneuski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of Valery Levaneuski, on 19 April the police returned a part of the confiscated belongings to the leader of entrepreneurs.

On 12 May the traffic police detained Levaneuski’s car while he was going to the meeting of entrepreneurs in Minsk and escorted it to Hrodna district police department. Valery Levaneuski and Aliaksandr Vasilieu were kept there for three hours. During that time in their absence the police took away from the car Levaneuski’s personal belongings, without composing any documents or giving any explanations to the owner.

The correspondence between Levaneuski, police and prosecutor’s office on this matter lasted for about a month. Finally Levaneuski received the following answer from the police department of Hrodna regional executive committee:

‘On your application to the police department of Hrodna regional executive committee I inform you that a check-up has been conducted. No violations of the law in the activity of the policemen were found. You can receive the things that were taken away during the examination of the car (except for the leaflets) at Hrodna district police department (contact telephone 797732).

Deputy chair of the police department I.Rybak’

However, there are still some questions, because of which Mr. Levaneuski has to continue the correspondence.

  1. Will the prosecutor’s office bring a criminal case against the policemen?

  2. What is the fate of Levaneuski’s applications to the presidential administration and the Soviet of Ministers, which were in his bag, but weren’t returned?

  3. Will the police compose the necessary documents registering Levaneuski and Vasilieu’s detention on 12 May and confiscation of the belongings?