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Lukashenka: ‘Those Who Were Detained on 25 March Are Provocateurs and Blockheads’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to BelaPAN

On 12 April at his press-conference Aliaksandr Lukashenka spoke of his attitude to the European Union and the opposition’s Freedom Day action.

‘The EU proposes to us the list of conditions which has been written for it by the so called Belarusian opposition. It is not a normal basis for dialogue,’ Lukashenka said.

He pointed that the EU had expressed its dissatisfaction with the police actions at the 25 March action of the opposition. ‘Even if we detained somebody, these were the provocateurs who worked off their money. 1,5 thousand blockheads and 400 commandos, will we let them foul our streets and interfere with people’s life?’, he added.

‘In the case the European Union wants to establish normal relations with Belarus, we are ready for it. But if you want to take us by the scruff of the neck as a naughty kitten, don’t cling to us and don’t hinder,’ commented Lukashenka on the EU intentions and added that in future Belarus would develop good partner relations with the neighbors. ‘We can’t behave any other way. We will win if we will be stable predictable partners.’

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