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Brest: Stary Horad Association Liquidated by Court

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The judge of Brest regional court Heorhi Dzmitruk satisfied the suit of the justice department of Brest city executive committee on liquidation of the historical and cultural NGO Stary Horad that has acted since 1992. According to RFE/RL, the court declared the following reasons for the liquidation: the NGO didn’t have a permanent office and didn’t determine the ‘subject of activity’ in its charter.

‘The real reason is the clear-up of the third sector, the organizations that can’t be controlled by the state. Several months ago the official web-site of Brest regional executive committee accused Stary Horad and me in ‘destructive activity’. I think that our activity started annoying the authorities long ago, but till lately we have always managed to find a way out. What concerns the formal reasons that were stated by the REC justice department, they could be liquidated within 10 minutes’, commented the chair of Stary Horda Iryna Laurouskaia.

Despite the formal liquidation, Stary Horad is not going to stop its activity. The organization may be even registered as Brest city unit of Belarusian Language Society.

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