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Brochure On Cult of Lukashenka’s Personality Found ‘Politically Harmful’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarus restores the ‘iron curtain’ for import and export of oppositional editions of different kinds, including printed editions, information on repressions and electoral violations. KGB, customs offices and courts are unanimous in the opinion that such information ‘can inflict harm to the political interests and the state security of the Republic of Belarus’.

On 17 December 2006 in Homel the brochures On Cult of Lukashenka’s Personality, documents of the Constituent Assembly of the Union of Left Forces and Freedom to Kazulin leaflets were confiscated from 5 democratic activists who were returning from the Ukraine.

The judge of Homel Tsentralny borough court Damnenka stated that it was prohibited to transport such literary editions through the border and ruled to fine Ihar Hryhoryieu, Nina Levinskene, Viachaslau Osipau, Aleh Shabetnik and Volha Shpakouskaia about 740 US dollars each and confiscated from them the printed editions. The activists appealed the verdict to Homel regional court.

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