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Search Held in "Batskaushchyna" Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On March 16 the police searched the office where the World Association of Belarusians "Batskaushchyna" ("Fatherland") kept its library and other property. The search resulted in confiscation of a number of copies of some editions.

According to "Batskaushchyna" chairperson Alena Makouskaya, the searchers “failed to introduce themselves and to demonstrate any search warrants”. “The only man who showed his ID was a district police officer who accompanied them. He claimed, neighbors had reported us as violating the norms of using private premises. Then the controllers suspected an office located in the apartment,” Alena Makouskaya said.

They checked documents, books and computer equipment. They had questions about the books published in Lithuania: “People of the Union of Belarusian Youth” by Yury Turonak, “Anti-Bolshevik uprisings and partisan struggle in Belarus” by Yu. Vitsbich, and “For Free and Sovereign Belarus” by Dz. Kasmovich. The police seized the books (the total of 1067 copies).

“We will consult with the lawyers about filing a complaint about the seizure of the books and numerous violations during the search”, -- Alena Makouskaya said.