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Authorities Take Control over Home Networks

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The authorities of Belarus are taking measures to establish order in the sphere of home computer networks. Nasha Niva, referring to BelaPAN, reports about the statement of Yauhen Machaila, deputy director of the Department of Financial Investigation at the Committee of State Control, which he made on March 16 at the press-conference in Minsk.

According to Yauhen Machaila, soon the government will introduce a ruling which will regulate the activity of home networks. The ruling will allow the network owners to legalize the business. At the same time, the state bodies will know who they are and will be able to control their activity.

At the same time, Yauhen Machaila claimed last year a number of criminal cases were started for violations in that sphere. The state bodies will continue to work in this field.

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