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Prison Administration Refuses to Accept Dietary Food for Aliaksandr Kazulin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

The administration of the penal colony Vitsba-3 refused to accept dietary foodstuffs which were brought for Aliaksandr Kazulin by his lawyer Ihar Rynkevich. The lawyer was informed that the process of the politician’s recovery from a hunger-strike continued successfully. ˜I brought the foodstuffs which were gathered by his relatives, but they didn’t accept anything and said Kazulin was transferred to regime 5B, which means nutrition in the prison canteen. I asked whether the medical indicators let them do it and they referred to good analyses and a record in Kazulin’s medical card, but didn’t show anything to me. That’s why I filed an inquiry with the head of the colony Vital Ahnistsikau, to receive information as a lawyer,’ said Ihar Rynkevich.

The duty policeman of the colony refused comment on the transfer of A.Kazulin to 5B regime and the telephones of the administration didn’t answer on 8 March. Mr. Rynkevich also said that recently the prison administration has started to manifest a stricter attitude to his client. ˜For instance, they made an admonition to him for signing the congratulation postcards late in the evening. The number of small nags increases and Aliaksandr Kazulin already has two reprimands for discipline violations,’ reminded Ihar Rynkevich.

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