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Meeting of Private Entrepreneurs with Authorities Gives No Results

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Racyja

The leader of the association of entrepreneurs Perspective, Anatol Shumchanka states that the authorities leave individual entrepreneurs without a chance to normal work and existence.

On 27 February a regular sitting of the working group on elaboration of proposals for solution of issues of the activity of individual entrepreneurs took place at the Ministry of Economy. According to Mr. Shumchanka, the final minutes of the sitting include the proposals for postponement of the new order for trading perfumes, cosmetics and furs to 1 January 2008. Besides, the entrepreneurs demand that the provision about employment of not more than 3 persons all of whom must be close relatives of the employer (presidential decree #760 of 29 December 2006) be abolished.

‘Now all entrepreneurs agree that in its present variant decree #760 means liquidation of small business. We can’t work in such conditions. At present the authorities undress the people with such methods as the goods become more expensive and the assortment gets more limited. Now individual entrepreneurs have no means to influence the officials. The councils, public associations and the working group have zero functions. The state doesn’t react to proposals of the civil society structures,’ said Shumchanka.