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Anatol Askerka Struggles for Rehabilitation at Work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 31 January 2007 Anatol Askerka, deputy chair of Barysau city primary organization of the trade union of radio-electronic trade, was fired from the position of repairman of the 6th category at Frebor Ltd. joint venture. The trade union activist has worked at the enterprise for 15 years, since its establishment, and had no reprimands. On the contrary, he has several awards from the administration. According to a governmental ruling, such workers have the right to discuss with the administration the possibility of conclusion a working contract for 3 or more years. However, Frebor director Vasil Burhun refused to talk with Askerka and other representatives of the trade union about prolongation of the working contracts, because Askerka allegedly belonged to Belarusian Chemical Trade Union.

Anatol Askerka denies his membership in this trade union. ‘I didn’t write an application for joining it. Moreover, I applied to the chair of the trade union committee with the request to show me such application, but he refused,’ commented Mr. Askerka. It’s quite interesting that the chair of the trade union committee Aliaksandr Pivavar also refused to give any comments to a journalist of

On 2 March Barysau city and district court will consider Anatol Askerka’s suit for rehabilitation at work.

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