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No Release on Parole for Pavel Seviarynets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The commission of the Novapolatsk special commandant’s headquarters made a decision that political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets might not be released on parole because he did not correct his behavior, RFE/RL reports. The youth activist was invited to the commission where he found out about the condition of his release on parole: pleading guilty.

“Again I didn’t plead guilty and, by the way, it was not a surprise for the commission. Thus they simply completed the formality. According to the law, I should have been released long ago”, Pavel Seviarynets comments the commission’s decision.

Former leader of the “Young Front” was sentenced to two years of forced labor for organizing protest actions against the referendum 2004 results, which allowed Lukashenka to be elected for the third term of presidency. Pavel Seviarynets spends his term of imprisonment in Malaye Sitno village of the Polatsk region where he works at the logging. Another 6 months are left before his release.

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