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Young activist harassed

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 January Nasta Palazhanka, a Young Front activist, was detained during Young Front Central Council meeting together with other YF members. After that she has been pressurized by her school administration. On 6 February her parents were visited by the girl’s form-master and one of the teachers. They were invited to take part in a ‘precautions council’ the next day. During the meeting the school headmaster said Nasta’s detention would contribute to the school’s ill repute. She also said that her parents did not bring her up properly. The headmaster also added that the girl’s ‘case’ would be sent to police for discussion.

According to the famous lawyer Valiantsin Stefanovich, there were no legal grounds for Nasta’s persecution, since she had never been tried in court, so it can only be viewed as a violation of her rights.

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