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Homel: Activists of United Civil Party Apply to Regional Prosecutor

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

The reason for the application to Homel regional prosecutor is a recent confession of Uladzimir Mikhailau, who publicly stated about his recruitment by KGB. The UCP activists Uladzimir Katsora, Viktar Karniaienka and Vasil Paliakou consider the actions of Hrodna regional KGB branch illegal and appealed them to the prosecutor.

The activists state that due to ‘systematic pressurization and forcing to false testimonies against opposition-minded citizens’ Mr. Mikhailau had to leave Belarus. Now he lives and studies abroad. In the application it is also mentioned that KGB workers pressurized the activists Iauhen Kazlou and Andrei Tolchyn to force them to collaboration.

Several years ago a young activist Andrei Zaitsau committed suicide after similar actions of KGB agents. He stated it in his death note.

‘False evidence and testimonies received in such a way’, write the UCP members in their application, ‘are already used by state mass media for distribution of false and unproved information about opposition-minded citizens of Homel region. We don’t rule out that on the basis of such testimonies even tomorrow more serious charges can be fabricated against us.’ The applicants ask the prosecutor to conduct a check up and give a juridical evaluation to the activists of the unknown people in mufti who introduce themselves as workers of Homel regional KGB branch.

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