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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the Assembly of NGOs

The Center of International Relations (Warsaw, Poland) with the financial support by Polska Pomoc, the Foreign Ministry of Poland and foreign radio stations has established a multilingual informational channel on Belarus. The new media project is an answer to the information needs of the international community. www.belarus-line.eu is the main instrument of the project.

There are many web-sites on Belarus in Russian and Belarusian. However, due to the language barrier they fail to cover the persons who can influence the policy towards Belarus. Belarus-line aims to provide the international community with additional information about the situation in the country. The site has such subdivisions as Officially, Politics, Society, Opposition, Economy and Culture to inform users about different kinds of events that take place in Belarus.

The information that is collected within the frames of Belarus-live is broadcasted by the European radio for Belarus and the Foreign program of the Polish radio (till lately known as Polonia). The latter also broadcasts information about our country in East-Slavonic, English, German and Polish.

The project also includes free distribution of a weekly electronic bulletin, every issue of which includes the official news prepared by the state mass media, the information given by the opposition and representatives of the civil society.

‘We are interested in Belarus-line’s becoming an interactive forum for exchange of thoughts between its users, both Belarusian and international ones,’ state the project founders.