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Deputy Chair of Homel Regional UCP Branch Aliaksei Manevich Can’t Travel Abroad

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 20 January Aliaksei Manevch, a deputy chair o Homel regional organization of the United Civil Party, applied to the section of citizenship and migration of Kalinkavichy district police department for change of passport. He also paid for express receiving a permissive seal for traveling abroad. The new passport was to have been given to him on 2 February, but at Kalinkavichy district police department he was told that it hadn’t been transported from Homel yet. Then he applied to the chair of the section Tatsiana Kres and the passport was suddenly found, but without the permissive seal.

‘They said they were waiting for the results of a check-up. When I demanded a written explanation of the reasons for this protraction, they told me to write a written application about it,’ said Manevich to the UCP press service.

In his applications to the chair of Kalinkavichy district police department Aliaksei Dubrova and the chair of citizenship and migration section Tatsiana Kres he stated his intention to apply to court for compensation of material and moral harm.

Aliaksei Manevich studies at the European Humanities University in Vilnius. On 13 February his session there beings and the deadline for giving the passport to the Lithuanian Embassy for putting a visa is 5 February. ‘I can’t leave for the session and will then have to pay money for being late to my exams. I can’t even guess when I will get the passport’, said Aliaksei Manevich. He also proposed that citizenship and migration section transfer the permissive seal from the old passport and was said that in this case they would also need some time for a check-up.

Mr. Manevich associates the trouble with his participation in the local election. ‘I think it is a revenge of the local vertical’, he commented.

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