The Story about KGB Agent and His Insisting Invitations to Kalinouski Program Student

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The story was reported to the Human Rights Center “Viasna” by Anatol Sidarevich

Artsiom Valeryevich from Pruzhany KGB, please, answer!

On January 23 a phone rang in the apartment of the Bialesta family. Nadzeya picked up the receiver…Well, let’s introduce the Bialesta family first.

Mikhail Mikalayevich, the father, is a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). His wife – Maria Siamionauna – is the head of Pruzhany branch of the party. They have two daughters. The younger – Nadzeya – is also a member of the Social Democratic Party. Since the fall of the last year she is a student of the Kalinouski program in Poland, majoring in tourism.

In January 2007 the girl came to her hoem town of Pruzhany, to spend vacations with her family. She just came back home, and here she got that phone call… The stranger asked to give the receiver to Nadzeya. When he learned Nadzeya was at the phone, he introduced himself as a KGB agent and said he wanted to meet with her. The “appointment” was set up at the “office”, at 5 p.m.

Instead of meeting with strangers, Nadzeya went for a walk around Pruzhany with her family. Suddenly her mobile rang. The same guy said they knew her mobile phone number, and they would control her every step in the town. He insisted on a conversation with her. He said it was enough to come to the KGB office and ring the bell.

He called again next day in the morning. This time Maria Siamionauna picked up the phone. She said her daughter didn’t want to talk to him. Then the KGB agent began to yell and promise the Bialesta family would all be summoned to the KGB.

The vacation was spoiled. Poor Nadzeya had to pack and leave for Poland. However, the stranger continued to make numerous phone call to her mobile. Finally, about 5 p.m. (where is the logic?) the agent came to the Bialesta’s house and brought summons to Nadzeya. However, Nadzeya had already left home by that time, and there was nobody to give the summons to. Leaving the house, the guard of the state security said: when Nadzeya comes home next time, she should immediately call the KGB.

The strangerwho intimidated the student and forced her to run away from the country, acted anonymously. Indirectly the family learned that his most probable name is Artsiom Valeryevich. It’s difficult to check though. Just in case, we address him:

__ Artsiom Valeryevich from Pruzhany KGB, could you please explain, what do you want from Nadzeya Bialesta?

It would be also interesting to hear from the head of Pruzhany KGB, why their seriouos structure has so much interest towards student Nadzeya Bialesta.

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