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Court Fines Krishnaite Uladzimir Habelian for Distribution of Religious Literature

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 3 December 2006 Uladzimir Habelian was detained by the police at the central entrance of Kamarouski market in Minsk. He stopped passers-by, talked with them and acquainted them with the fundamentals of Vedic philosophy and culture. He also had religious books which he advertised to the people. Two policemen detained him, took to a police department and drew a report for illegal sale of printed editions. Uladzimir Habelian states he didn’t sell anything, only talked to passers by and showed the books to them.

The court consideration of the administrative case against Uladzimir Habelian took place on 10 and 21 December. The policemen who detained him gave testimonies at the trial. On 10 January judge Liudmila Savastsian ruled to fine Mr. Habelian a sum equal to 14 US dollars for violation of article 148 part 1 of the Administrative Code, illegal trade of printed editions.

‘I consider the court ruling as unfair. There were no grounds for it’, - stated a member of Minsk Krishna conscience society Siarhei Malakhouski to Human Rights Center Viasna. ‘The policemen’s testimonies weren’t grounded on real events. It is a violation of the Law on freedom of conscience that guarantees to us the right to express our religious convictions and distribute printed production’.

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