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Homel: Leanid Sudalenka Complains to Homel Regional Election Commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The democratic candidate Leanid Sudalenka who ran for Homel regional deputy soviet has filed a complaint to Homel regional election commission. The body of the complaint has 3 pages another five being an attachment. Mr. Sudalenka asks to consider the election in Valhahradski election constituency in Homel invalid.

According to the UCP press-service, the complaint describes the ‘election’ procedure from the very beginning. For instance, there it is stated that 6 representatives of the UCP weren’t included in the circuit election commission and the inferior polling station commissions.

Observers counted the number of the persons who voted at different polling stations of the constituency. According to them, at polling station #32 the number of voters (including the early votes) is 959, whereas the resulting minutes of the voting contains quite a different number, 1472. The same situation was observed at other polling stations. In general, it is quite clear that representatives of democratic movement aren’t included in election commission lest they prevent falsifications.

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