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Candidates to Minsk City Deputy Soviet from BPF Appeal Illegal Agitation of Their Rivals

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

To Minsk Maskouski borough election commission

To Minsk city prosecutor’s office

From candidate to Minsk city deputy soviet in Slabadskaia election constituency #24 Meliashkevich Iury Viktaravich

From candidate to Minsk city deputy soviet in Praudzinskaia election constituency #21 Karetnikau Iury Viachaslavavich


The newspaper Vetsi Moskovskogo rayona has been distributed for free in Maskouski borough of Minsk (South-West suburb) for several days already. The founder of this newspaper is Minsk Maskouski borough executive committee. The distributed issue contains information materials about a number of candidates to Minsk city deputy soviet who are running in election constituencies of Maskouski borough. We are of opinion that the materials that are published in the newspaper are agitation. Besides, their publication during the election period witnesses the concrete aims of such distribution – agitation and support of the following candidates to deputy positions: Talkachou V.I., Talkachou A.V., Dubovik S.V., Zubelevich M.M. and Bahdanava L.M. – which is a violation of article #26 of the Election Code of the Republic of Belarus which guarantees equality of agitation possibilities to candidates. By the means of such distribution article #48 of the Election Code was violated as well – according to this article political parties, other public associations, organizations and citizens of Republic of Belarus have no right to give material support during preparation and holding elections except for financial contribution to a special non-budget fund.

We ask for consideration of the appeal in the due terms and informing us about the decision taken.

Annex: 1 copy of Vesti Moskovskogo rayona #8 (97), December 2006.

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