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Svetlarhosk: Student Mikhail Naskou Is Fined for ‘Non-coming to Military Commissariat without Good Excuse’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Since September 2006 19-year-old resident of Svetlahorsk Mikhail Naskou has studied in the Polish city of Liublin on K.Kalinouski educational program. In October a military commissariat sent a summons to his home address. In the summons good excuses for not coming to the commissariat are enumerated, including ‘circumstances that don’t depend on a person’s will’.

This summons was received by the student only on his coming home, several days ago. After reading it the youngster came to the commissariat and explained there that he spent the last 4 months abroad, which could be verified by the seals in his passport. He also showed a document from the university which confirmed his studying there.

However, the chair of the enrollment department, lieutenant-colonel Uladzimir Shauchenka didn’t consider it as a good excuse and composed against M.Naskou a report under article 190-1 of the Administrative Code ‘Non-appearance at military commissariat on receiving a summons’. Colonel Katsuba, a military commissar of Svetlahorsk district, ruled to fine Mikhail Naskou 40 000 Belarusian rubles.

Naskou decided not to appeal the fine as he has to get ready to the upcoming session and return to Poland.

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