Nadzeia Mantsevich Gets Expelled from Belarusian State University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 27 December 2006 Nadzeia Mantsevich, a third-year student of historical faculty, was expelled from the Belarusian State University for alleged ‘systematic violation of internal regulations’. The student believes that the real reason for the expulsion is her active public position. We should remind that she was also among the persons who were detained on 22 December at a Christmas concert organized at a private flat. Aliaksandr Radzko, deputy dean of the faculty of history, states that N.Mantsevich was expelled for truancy. ‘She had a rector’s reprimand for missing classes. After this it is enough to miss two classes. Pitifully enough, it is really so.’

The expulsion order is dated 27 December. On 28 December the student was called to the dean’s office and informed about it.

Nadzeia Mantsevich is going to appeal the order to court, though she doesn’t hope for rehabilitation.