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Deputy Aliaksandr Zarembiuk Is Warned for Election Posters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Aliaksandr Zarembiuk, a deputy of Masty district deputy soviet who runs to Masty district deputy soviet and Hrodna regional deputy soviet. He received two similar warnings – one from Masty district election commission and another – from the election commission of his constituency. In both cases the warnings were issued the fact that his election posters were hanged not only in the places that were determined by the constituency commission, but also in other ones. Mr. Zarembiuk has appealed the warnings to Masty district election commission, because the mentioned posters concern his running to the regional deputy soviet, not to the district one and no fly-sheets for the latter one have been yet received from the printing house. Ales Zarembiuk thinks that the commissions pay so much attention to him because he is a participant of For Freedom movement.

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