Candidate Leanid Nevar Complains to Rechytsa Inter-district Prosecutor about Violations of Election Laws

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the UCP press-service

On 8 January Leanid Nevar, a UCP member, candidate to Rechytsa district deputy soviet at election circuit #11 filed a complaint with Rechytsa inter-district prosecutor Aliaksandr Drazdou. There he pointed at a biased attitude to candidates demonstrated by the chair of Rechytsa district election commission Vital Atamanchuk.

In his interview to Dniaprovets newspaper Vital Atamanchuk warned all candidates ‘against any violations of the law including placement of any agitation posters and fly-sheets in places that weren’t determined by election commissions’. However, Leanid Nevar points, an official candidate, director of Torgservis state enterprise Aleh Boika, abusing his official position, placed his agitation fly-sheets in Vedrych supermarket, Yubileiny, Tovary dlia doma, U Tatyany, Druzhba and Tsentralny shops that are directed by Torgservis and hadn’t been determined as agitation places by the election commissions. At the same time, in some places of Rechytsa there are election stands without information about candidates while in other locations even stands are absent. For instance, there was no information about candidates at a stand near the culture palace in Savetskaia Street and no stand stood near Yubileyny shop. Mr. Nevar shot these places with his camera.

As stated by Leanid Nevar, Mr. Atamanchuk contradicts to his own words and does not take any measures against the registered law violations, including those committed by Aleh Boika, thus violating the law.

On 8 January, the day Mr. Nevar’s complaint to the prosecutor’s office, information about candidates appeared on the stand near the culture house and the agitation fly-sheets of Aleh Boika were removed from the shops.

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