Aleh Dolbik, Deputy Chair of Liquidated Belarusian Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers Is Rehabilitated at Working Place

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On 5 January the administration of the republican Unitarian enterprise Belaeranavihatsyia signed a three-year contract with Aleh Dolbik. ‘It is our joint victory’, Aleh commented. ‘It happened thanks to the efforts taken by the ILO, my colleagues who voiced their opinion and my own efforts’.

Now Aleh needs to take courses for restoration of his skills. It is a standard procedure for the air traffic controllers who have breaks in their work. Then Aleh will have probation, because his professional tasks have changed. Before firing he was responsible for transit flights. Now he will direct flights in the zone of Minsk-2 airport and will be responsible for take-off and landing of planes.

‘I again saw that everything in life returns to its circles’, said Aleh Dolbik. ‘Of course, I am very glad and grateful to the people who weren’t indifferent to my situation. Doubtlessly, it’s not easy to live without a job nowadays.’

We should remind that in August 2003 the Belarusian trade union of air traffic controllers was liquidated by court. Short before it the trade union became a member of the Belarusian congress of trade unions. In April 2004 Aleh Dolbik testified to the ILO Commission on investigation of violations of trade union rights and in autumn 2004 was fired due to the contract expiry. Aleh Dolbik is a high-quality specialist and had no pretensions at working place. The administration of the Belarusian Congress of democratic trade unions, Aleh and his colleagues associated the firing with his trade union activity. The ILO repeatedly called on the Belarusian government to rehabilitate at work illegally fired trade union activists including Aleh Dolbik.

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