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Detainees at Valadarka Center Forced to Write Applications for Transfer

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmiser Dashkevich wrote in his letter to a friend, he was forced to apply for transfer to Shklou prison before consideration of his cassation appeal. The leader of Young Front writes, Valadrka detention center is so over-crowded that people are forced to write applications about transfer to other prisons. Zmitser writes, that he and his cellmates refused to write such applications. Then, at night people “in masks” came to the cell, brought everybody to the corridor and demanded from everyone to sign the application. People in black also tried to force the leader of Young Front to write an application of the following content: “I, Zmitser Dashkevich, … ask to transfer me to Shklou prison before my cassation appeal is considered…”, etc.

However, Dashkevich refused to do that. Instead he wrote that he demands that the staff of the detention center act according to the law, which says Zmitser may be transferred to another place of detention only when the court considers his cassation appeal.

Zmitser Daskevich was transferred to Shklou prison on December 6. The actions of the authorities are absolutely illegal. The staff of the detention center openly violates the law. The regime is using all possible means to press on the Young Front leader, even after the verdict was passed, reports Young Front press service.

Katsiaryna Sadouskaya was also transferred to Homel prison for women before her cassation complaint was considered.

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