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Three Pro-Democratic Candidates Not Registered in Babruisk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to, human rights activist Ihar Khotska, member of BPF Party, was informed that he had been not registered as a local candidate. The election commission claims, there were inaccuracies in the papers provided by the tax inspection office. Valer Matskevich and Maksim Buinitski, members of Young Front, were also denied registration. Allegedly, more than 15% of signatures in their support were invalid. In the beginning the election commission told Maksim Buinitski that he was not registered because the signatures were “written with one hand”. Later he received a letter from the election commission saying that over 15% of the signatures had been recognized invalid. Valer Matskevich, deputy chairperson of Young Front, says he went door-to-door over half of the apartments in his district. “Two women are running in my district. One of them is supported by the authorities. I think the city authorities saw what kind of work we have done in the district and decided to get rid of the competitor. Certainly we have checked all the signatures before sending them to the election commission. Because the election will be rigged anyway, our main goal was to use the opportunity to talk to the people. We will stay in the political process as we plan to participate in the Congress of the United Democratic Forces”, -- says Valer Matskevich.

In many districts of Babruisk the voters will not have alternatives to chose from. For example, head of the city municipality Mr. Bandarenka is the only candidate registered in his district.

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