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Batskawshchyna to Preserve Legal Address

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk Economic court rejected the suit of Minskaia spadchyna Company for breach of the rent agreement with the World Alliance of Belarusians Batskawshchyna. The resolutive part of the verdict was read by the judge Alena Melnikava. The motivational part will be mailed to the sides. Further actions of Batskawshchyna will depend on the motivation for the verdict. Minskaia spadchyna can appeal the verdict within 10-days’ term.

We should remind that Minskaia spadchyna thinks that the rent agreement must be annulled because the building in Revalutsyina Street, 17 where Batskawshchyna’s office used to be situated, is being restored. Representatives of Batskawshchyna state there are no reasons for it, because the organization left the office for the reconstruction period. Besides, in 1992 the Soviet of Ministers adopted a ruling about facilitation to Batskawshchyna. According to it the organization was given the right to rent the office for 25 years.

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