Anatol Liabedzka Gets Registered as Candidate to Election

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka has been registered by election commission as a candidate for deputy of Minsk city soviet in constituency #41.

3 candidates for deputy have been registered in this election district.

’We are 3, me and two candidates of the authorities, they are not representing any political structures’, Anatol Lyabedzka said to the UCP press center. ‘It is clear that one of them is a main one, while the second is for the case when democratic candidate would be cancelled. I can win, no matter what my challengers would be. They can rig the results of the vote in the area, but the pro-regime candidates cannot win. I have won 2 campaigns with a result of 60-70%. In the elections to the ‘Chamber of Representatives’ I had 60% according to exit-polls. I always received at least 60-70% of votes. They have no chances to win, but they have a possibility to rig the vote results’.

As said by A.Liabedzka, the United Civil Party nominated 531 representatives to borough elections commissions of Minsk. However none of them was included to commissions. ‘The regime is getting ready for falsifications’, the UCP leader said. ‘Our task is to show people that there is an alternative. They should understand that they are deprived of a choice.’