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Aliaksandr Kazulin’s Appeal to UN, Leaders of EU Countries and Belarusian Opposition

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


The former presidential candidate, a political prisoner Aliaksandr Kazulin, sent an address to the democratic forces of Belarus, and to leaders of European and world powers, to the UN Secretary General and to the European Commission. As we have informed, the politician continues a hunger strike in the corrective labour colony Vitsba-3, demanding to consider the situation in Belarus in the UN Security Council.

Addressing the democratic governments of Europe and of the world, the UN Secretary General and of the European Commission, Aliaksandr Kazulin expresses gratitude to them for attention to his fate and to his state of health.

’I don’t worry about my heath as much as about the health and the future of my native Belarus, a little country in the center of Europe. I am 51, but I still cannot understand what a human life’s cost really is? What is the real cost of democracy and freedom, and whether a person has a right at least for one’s life protection?’ the political prisoner asks. ‘The last dictator of Europe, who overtly admires Hitler, who has blatantly and unceremoniously trampled down the Constitution, the laws of his county for keeping his personal power by force, is cynically challenging the European and world community, jeers at them. Can it answer to them by anything?’

Aliaksandr Kazulin welcome the resolution against violations of human rights in Belarus by the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, but insists on discussing the Belarusian problem in the UN security Council.

’It is really an important step forward, and I am thankful for determination in solving this problem. But it is senseless to speak with dictators with the help of those declarations and admonitions. History confirms that. Only consideration of the question at the UN Security Council would help to achieve a breakthrough in solving this problem and return Belarus into a legal field. I am not going to kneel to the dictator, and I have nothing to demand from him, as he thinks that he had already destroyed me and trodden me to pieces. But he cannot understand that it is impossible to deprive me of my inner freedom and my human dignity. That is why I address the democratic community and ask just a little thing.

At least one of the G8 countries should show strong-mindedness to put the human rights situation in Belarus on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council by making an official statement.

This little thing could determine a real cost of just one human life. May God save you and judge you’.

Aliaksandr Kazulin has also addressed all democratic forces and citizens of Belarus:

’I express deep gratitude to all those who give voice for my support, and even more thankful to those who responded with their hearts and souls!

The time of liberation of Belarus from darkness and violence has come! The time of Lukashenka is inescapably coming to an end! Let me underline once again, that the power is lost at the moment when it becomes illegitimate, when it tramples underfoot the Constitution. The time of changes has come! It cannot be lost! Every day and every hour are precious!

I call upon all democratic leaders to realize that the power is not in the words, but in spirit and readiness to show one’s worth in concrete actions, to go all the way.

The time of personal showdown is over! It’s high time for decisive actions to take full legitimate authority!

The historic hour has come! Time waits for no one!


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