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Polatsk: Factory Guards Stage Provocation against Trade Union Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


A guard of the joint stock company Polatsk-Shklovalakno (Polatsk Fiberglass) has carried out a search in the belongings of the primary organization of the Free Trade Union of Belarus’ chairman Viktar Stukau. The guard searched a closet of the trade union activist, checked his identity card and sent him to the checkpoint, informs. Thus the guard tried to provoke the trade union activist to perform illegal actions.

’I have no claims for the search of my closet. The matter is that the guards at our enterprise have a right for that to prevent stealing. It is rather humiliating for a person, but a rule is a rule. However, the form of such check causes indignation,’ Viktar Stukau said.

The trade union activist and his colleague were marched to the checkpoint under guard as if they had been detained for a crime. Other workers could see that. The guard, as said by the trade union activist, used insulting words.

’We were met by the head of the guard, Kazlou, at the entrance check-point. Kazlou told us to follow him to his office. After we refused, he told that he would write to the KGB about my actions,’ Viktar Stukau added.

The trade union activists submitted a complaint against the head of the guard. It has been decided that at the imminent meeting of the enterprise workers they would apologise for their actions compromising the trade union activists.

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