Baran: Primary Unit of Free Trade Union of Steelworkers of Lios Plant Complains to State Committee of Defense Industry

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In the complaint of the primary unit of the Unitarian enterprise Lios it is stated that the employer systematically violates the provisions of the collective agreement. According to the chair of the primary unit Vasil Leuchankau, its office remains sealed for 11 months already. During all this time the trade union activist can’t use it and have no access to important documents. It happens despite the fact that the employer must provide office room to the trade union free of charge. It used to be so till the beginning of 2006. At first the plant administration proposed to the primary unit to pay the office rent and then evicted it and sealed the office. According to Vasil Leuchankau, the trade union has already spent about half a year informing the plant administration about agreement to pay the office rent, but the director protracts time and writes come-offs that this question will be decided during negotiations.

‘I can’t understand what negotiations he means”, says Vasil Leuchankau, ‘the collective agreement ends in April 2007 and by that time we have all rights to manage the office’.

In addition, the trade union accuses Lios administration of violations in wage payment. On 1 November the tariff of the 1st category was increased from 62 000 to 65 000 rubles, but the administration continues using the old tariff in wage calculations, thus decreasing the real wages.