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More Cases of Non-registration of Initiative Groups

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the BelaPAN information agency the initiative groups of the leaders of trade union movement Aliaksandr Bukhvostau and Henadz Fiadynich weren’t registered. A.Bukhvostau ran for a seat at Minsk City Deputy Soviet at Autazavodskaia circuit of Minsk and H.Fiadynich – at Ubarevitskaia circuit.

According to Mr Bukhvostau the reason for non-registration of his initiative group was that several its members wrote applications that they were included into it without their prior consent. Aliaksandr Bukhvostau states that all of them are students and had to write the applications for the fear of expulsion.

The same thing happened to Henadz Fiadynich. The trade unions believe they are purposefully pushed out of the electoral campaign together with other key persons of the democratic movement.

According to RFE/RL, in Vitsebsk the election commissions of Babinitskaia and Noukinskaia circuits refused to register the initiative groups to the members of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Narodnaia Hramada Sviatlana Dzenisionak and Zmitser Karatkevich. Both of the candidates intended to run for a seat at Vitsebsk District Deputy Soviet. The alleged reason for the non-registration was that the documents had some mistakes. However, all Vitsebsk members of BSDP NH wrote identical applications and other election commissions didn’t find anything wrong there. In addition, the refusal that was sent to her contained a man’s name instead of hers.

Both activists have already filed complaints with Vitsebsk Regional Election Commission.

Baran Town Election Commission didn’t registered 5 members of the initiative group of Alena Halaunia, a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada instead of 6 who were mentioned in the list of members. After her oral complaint the commission promised to find why it happened so today, after the end of the registration period.

After an application to the to the Central Election Commission certificate of initiative group’s member was issued to the BSDP H member Viktar Mikhasiou who also intends to run to Baran Town Deputy Soviet. He had to prove that candidates have the right to be members of their own initiative groups.

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