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While Releasing Siarhei Skrabets Prison Guards Burnt His Diary

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At night of 15 November the political prisoner Siarhei Skrabets was released from the penal colony Vutsba-3 after 1.5 years of imprisonment to which he was sentenced for alleged defraud of credits. Since 20 October he has been on a hunger-strike of protest together with the former candidate to presidency Aliaksandr Kazulin. Skrabets stated that Kazulin continues the hunger-strike. According to him, Aliaksandr Kazulin lost 17 kilos and is very weak. The colony administration fears lest somebody could see him and tries to convince him to stop the hunger-strike. Mr Kazulin entrusted Siarhei Skrabets to act on his behalf and continue his work. Mr Skrabets stated that the time he had to spend in prison was the time of insults and humiliation, but he bore everything well and is in a good mood. He also said that he foresaw the ‘night discharge’ which the prison administration did not to let a solemn meeting. Mr Skrabets was taken away from the prison by his younger brother.

Aliaksandr Skrabets said that the first thing about which his brother asked was to by him a SIM-card, because he wanted to start his political activity. While Siarhei Skrabets was being released, there was a conflict with the administration: they didn’t want to pass to Mr Skrabets his prison diaries. Then Siarhei said them to burn these papers, which they did in his presence.

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