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Police Search Department of Iulia Kotskaia, Worker of A. Milinkevich’s Press-service

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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In Hrodna the police and special services stormed the apartment of Iuliia Kotskaia, a worker of the press-service of the united democratic forces Aliaksandr Milinkevich. At that moment a home search is carried out. According to the information of the press-service of Milinkevich, policemen presented a search warrant signed by an investigator who is in charge of the case of blasts in Vitsebsk on 14 and 22 September 2005.

On 29 October 2006 the house where Iuliia Kotskaia lives, was encircled by the police and special services men. The policemen were trying to search Kotskaia’s apartment, but it was closed. They also told the neighbours that they had allegedly received a signal that moonshine was taken from her apartment. After that policemen visited Iuliia’s mother. However she refused to open the door without a prosecutor’s sanction. In a few hours policemen returned without a sanction. But they said that they had a new suspicion, that documents were being forged in the apartment.

Halina Kotskaia refused to open the doors, as policemen presented a search warrant for the search in Iuliia Kotskaia house, while the girl was not registered in the house of her mother. Then policemen forced the door open. During the search in the apartment of the Iuliia Kotskaia’s mother they confiscated several video cassettes and 6 packs of clean paper.

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