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Minsk: KGB Agents Pay Interest to Activity of Student of Electronics College

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 31 October 2006 two KGB agents came to Minsk Electronics College and called the student Anastasia Aleksandrovich for a talk. One of them introduced himself as Dzianis Uladzimiravich.

‘They started asking me about my political views, my attitude to the authorities and my relation to For Freedom movement. I answered that every person has own views and doesn’t have to inform other ones about them. They asked what the name of the organization which I joined was and proposed to collaborate with them and provide them with information about dangerous activity of oppositional youth organizations. They also asked me about my parents, the number of my mobile, my leisure time and plans for the future. In the end they left me their telephone number, 291-83-57, for giving them interesting information’ said Ms Aleksandrovich.