Detained Anzhalika Borys Released Today

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Sunday, October 29, Anzhalika Borys, chairperson of the Union of Poles of Belarus, was detained on the border between Lithuania and Belarus. RFE/RL reports, Anzhalika Borys and her colleagues were returning from the session of the European Union Polonia organizations, held in Vilnius.
Belarusian customs officers examined their car, undid one of the mirrors and allegedly found a pack with unknown powder in it.
Borys says the car was checked several times, last time the customs officers used dogs. Borys claims the found powder is a provocation. After that an group of investigators arrived to the border. Yury Senko, head of Hrodna regional customs office, ordered to carry out personal check of Anzhalika Borys.
Late in the evening – at 11.30 p.m. Andrei Pachobut, activist of the Union of Poles, found out that the police transferred the detained to Hrodna in two cars. Anzhalika Borys was in one car, and her colleagues: Teresa Silivonchyk and Andrzei Lisouski – in another one. Borys’ phone was off.
Anzhalika Borys was released only when her drug blood tests came back clear. Charter’97 learned that from Andrei Pachobut. He says the Union activists Teresa Silivonchyk and Andrzei Lisouski also had to undergo through drug blood tests.

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