Milinkevich’s Adviser Detained

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 29 Hrodna police detained Andrei Kusialchuk, adviser to Alexander Milinkevich. The detention was carried out at 1.50 p.m. He was detained with some “printed materials” in his car. According to police, that was Svaboda newspaper. The police interrogated Kusialchuk and examined his car.
According to Nasha Niva, yesterday the police attempted to search the house of Yulia Kotskaya, member of Milinkevich’s press group. However, the doors were locked. The police officers explained to the neighbors that they had been informed that the house owners produced alcohol there. Then the policemen visited Yulia’s mother. However, she refused to open the house without a paper from the prosecutor. In several hours the policemen returned. They still had no search warrant but they had new suspicions: they claimed, besides production of alcohol, the house was allegedly used for production of fake documents. The woman still refused to open the house.
According to Paval Mazheika, Milinkevich’s spokesman, Kusialchuk is kept in custody and charged with “disorderly conduct”. He will be tried today, on October 30.