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Anatol Kulik Stops Hunger-Strike

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 20 member of the Conservative Christian Party Anatol Kulik stopped the hunger-strike which he began on October 4. RFE/RL reported earlier, that Kulik went on hunger-strike to express political support to Alexander Kazulin. According to Anatol Kulik, during the hunger-strike he continued to work at one of the private companies.
This is the second Kulik’s political-strike this year. The first was organized because of Lukashenka’s inauguration. Anatol Kulik says this time the hunger-strike is also political and explains:
-- Kazulin needs to know that he can always rely on people’s support. I really like his actions and political activities. Jails will not overcome brave people.
Anatol Kulik has been member of BPF movement since 1988. he was delegate to the first congress of the movement, headed the city organization of the Conservative Christian Party, and used to be a Navapolatsak Council member. He says when he learned about Kazulin’s appeal to the citizens of Belarus and about his intention to start a termless hunger-strike in October, he immediately decided to demonstrate solidarity with the political prisoner.
-- Strong local organizations, strong political parties can organize bigger actions. What can one person do? Go on hunger-strike. This is an action for one person. Together we can organize bigger actions. So that the authorities feel we are a political force not just few people. The future will show what will happen to Kazulin.

Anatol Kulik is over 60. He sounds cheerful but I can’t avoid a question about his health.

-- Thanks God, I survived the hunger-strike. People say, one’s heart should be not only brave but also strong.

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