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Hlybokaie: Policemen Tear off Stickers about Elections to Local Deputy Soviets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Orange stickers with the following text have been posted in different places of the town of Hlybokaie: ‘In January the election to local deputy soviets will take place. In fact, there won’t be any election, only a parody. Nobody is going even to count the votes. But this election is a real chance to give information to people!’. In such a way people were invited to run for deputy positions or help in the election group of the local activist Iaraslau Bernikovich whose telephone number stood at the end of the announcement. However, he received first telephone calls from citizens of Hlybokaie for another reason – the local policemen tore off the stickers and took them away. Hlybokaie District Department of Internal Affairs says nothing about the fate of the stickers but doesn’t rule out that the activist can be drawn to administrative responsibility for posting them.

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