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Kazulin Meets with His Lawyer at the Expense of Short Meetings

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of A.Kazulin

On 10 October the ex-candidate to presidency Aliaksandr Kazulin met with his lawyer Ihar Rynkevich. They discussed the conditions of his incarceration and the issues connected to defense of the prisoner. Mr Kazulin confirmed that he WAS FORCED to agree to a meeting with the Ambassador of Germany at the expense of the short meetings provided for relatives. In connection with this evident violation of the prisoner’s rights his lawyer Ihar Rynkevich composed an application to the head of the jail with the request to explain what legal norms permitted to take such decisions.

It is known that diplomats, deputies of the Parliaments, representatives of mass media, defense lawyers and priests who are allowed to meet with prisoners don’t meet with them at the expense of the meetings provided to the prisoners’ relatives.

Aliaksandr Kazulin also told the lawyer that his mail is strictly controlled. The letters that are considered as dangerous to the regime are exacted. For instance, Kazulin doesn’t receive letters from Valery Levaneuski in which the former political prisoner familiarizes him with his rights and the possibilities for their defense. The guards even confiscated from Aliaksandr Kazulin the medical instructions about protection of the prisoners’ health that were quite important for him in connection with the hunger-strike he intended to start. Mr Levaneuski also sent to A.Kazulin Criminal and Criminal Process Codes. Aliaksandr Kazulin intends to complain against these lawless actions of the prison administration.

Mr Kazulin also informed his lawyer that he refused to sign the undertaking to mend his ways and behave well. ‘I am a law-obedient citizen who was taken to a criminal environment with the means of a lawless sentence. How are they going to correct me here and whom do they want to make out of me?’, Kazulin asks. He states that by the refusal to sign this paper he showed his intention to continue his struggle against the present regime. ‘Let the ‘law-obedient’ citizen Lukashenka sign it together with me. That’s how he confirm his abidance by the law,’ stated Aliaksandr Kazulin.

He and Ihar Rynkevich also spent several hours discussing the review complaint they intend to direct to the chair Minsk City Court. In this complaint they will ask him to issue a review protest against the lawlessness of the verdict, to define the cassation instance and stop the criminal case against Mr Kazulin.

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