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Minsk: Authorities Order to Stop Regular Examination of Hunger-strikers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


According to Nasha niva, today four doctors have visited the church ad said that was their last visit. The reason cited: the doctors see no point in daily examinations of the strikers. The reason is extremely odd, since the health of the strikers is deteriorating, as Mr Lukanin said.

’One of the doctors said the decision was made by high rank officials’, the priest emphasized. He is convinced that in this case the politics outweighed the respect towards the personality and people’s health. ‘We suggested signing an agreement on commercial medical services, because of the grave health condition of the people who have been on the hunger strike from its first day, and because acute viral hepatitis was suspected. But we were refused.’

It should be mentioned that the church administration learnt the healthcare committee had been summoned in the Minsk State Executive Committee right after the visit of the doctors of the Minsk hospital #2 to the church. Perhaps, the issue of the medical surveillance for the strikers was discussed there. The only recommendation the believers got from the doctors was to call the ambulance in case of emergency.

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