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Hunger-striker Alena Zakhozhaia Is Not Admitted to Her Working Place

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Today the electrician of Belshyna Alena Zakhozhaia who continues a hunger strike for the 8th day was met at the entrance of the plant by the director Iauhen Khvalko. The director tried to stop the worker from entering the plant, explaining that first she was to be checked by a medical unit.

He demonstrated Alena Zakhozhaia, a member of the primary organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade union, an order of the director general of the enterprise Dzmitry Katsiarynich, stating that she could be admitted to the working place only with a certificate of health.

’I refused to be examined in the medical unit’, Alena said to the Salidarnasts newspaper, ‘and compulsory examination can be done only by a ruling of a court. That is why he had to allow me to go to my working place.’

A medical nurse came to Alena Zakhozhaia twice before the midday, but the worker repeated that she had no complaints. However, the state of health of the striker declines. She has heart complaints, dizziness.

’But I will continue to go to the plant. If I would have to die, it would happen not at home, only at my working place. I am sure that I would have enough power for that,’ a 54-year woman said.

The administration of the plant and the city officials are still not going to meet halfway. The director of Belshyna Dzmitry Katsiarynich is on a one-week business trip to Russia.

As we have informed, a trade union activist protests against discrimination because of her trade union affiliation. She is ready to stop the protest action only when members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union would be paid bonus and allowance for health promotion (only workers belonging to the official trade union have received that), and when their primary organization would be registered.

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