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Babruisk: Chair of Belnaftakhim (Belarusian Oil Chemistry) Plant Promises to Hunger-Striker to Improve the Situation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Alena Zakhozhaia, an activist of the Belarusian independent trade union, is on the fourth day of hunger-strike. She demands that the discrimination of members of the independent trade union at Belshyna (Belarusian Tyre) combine where she works as an electrician. The matter is that unlike other workers the trade union activists haven’t received any salary bonuses since May.

According to Ryhor Spasiuk, the chair of the primary unit of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union at Belshyna Combine, the hunger-strike disturbs the Belnaftakhim authorities. He said that yesterday the chair of Belnaftakhim Aliaksandr Barouski met with Alena Zakhozhaia and promised to improve the situation.

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