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Political Prisoner Tsimafei Dranchuk to Serve His Term in Minsk Jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Valery Dranchuk says, on September 28 he came to visit his son Tsimafei. The visit was arranged for 11 a.m. He learned that Tsimafei has just left the cell and is getting ready to depart for Minsk jail # 1.
“I even breathed a sigh of relief, that Tsimafei would leave that place, because that was already some change we longed so much for. This is the end of the long day in Valadarka jail. In the beginning Tsimafei was kept in a very bad cell. Then he was moved to the cell which was a little better. Then, again, he was moved to the worse one – with no light and no air. One had to stay in line in order to wash oneself or to shave. People took turns to sleep. In one word, inhumane conditions. Tsimafei told me he would write about everything when he is released. I am glad that he perceives everything as something alien, which is impossible to get used to. Finally, Tsimafei changed the walls around him and changed address. We are really looking forward to his letter. I hope we will receive it very soon”.

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