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Solidarity Actions with Arrested Young Front Leader

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Solidarity Actions with Arrested Young Front Leader

Every day activists of pro-democratic youth movement hold actions of solidarity with Zmitser Dashkevich. Solidarity actions are held both in Minsk and in the regions, reports RFE/RL.
Dashkevich, leader of unregistered Young Front, was detained on September 15, 2006 after being interrogated as a suspect in a criminal case. Zmitser is suspected of participating in an unregistered organization. Zmitser was taken to Minsk detention center. Yesterday he was transferred to cell #92 on the third floor of the center.
Investigator of Belarusian prosecutor’s office decided to put Zmitser in detention, although that article of the Criminal Code does not provide for such measure of restraint. Zmitser has a status of a suspect in a crime. If he is indicted for participation in activities of a non-registered organization, he would face the penalty of imprisonment of up to 2 years.

Criminal proceedings against Young Front activists were instigated by the Committee for Fighting Terrorism during the election period. District prosecutors interrogated dozens of witnesses.
One day before he was detained, Zmitser commented on the situation for RFE/RL: “Certainly, the authorities continue their chain of repression. They increase pressure on Young Front. Every day they interrogate activists of our organization, their friends, and parents. They ask the parents, people, who are 40, 50, and 60, if they are members of Young Front”. Now it is important for the authorities to intimidate young people. People, who, despite criminal persecution, become more and more active in our organization.

Paval Krasouski, Young Front member in Zhodzina, compares the case against Young Front with the criminal case of Partnership: “Recently Zmitser has done so much! He organized trips to the regions, and created new structures in towns where Young Front never had any activists. Certainly, the authorities are not happy about that. This will be partnership #2. Now every Belarusian citizen knows that they can jail anyone, even if a person is guilty only of participation in a chess-club”.
Under-age member of Young Front Ivan Shyla lives in Salihorsk. He was also interrogated on this case: “They came up to me on the street and took me to the prosecutor’s office. Before I used to say that I know neither Dashkevich nor Young Front. They showed me a 7-page print-out of my phone conversations with Dashkevich. I spoke Belarusian, and that turned out to be a problem for them. The investigator was from Russia and he didn’t understand anything. They tried to find an interpreter but did not succeed. They gave me summons to the prosecutor’s office for Monday”.
On September 25 investigators are to bring in an official indictment to Zmitser Dashkevich.

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