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“Enough” T-shirts Outlawed

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mahilou regional police claims detaining people for wearing T-shirts with “Enough!” slogan is legal.

Mahilou regional police chief responded to collective complaint of the people, detained on July 27 on a pedestrian street. The reason for detention were T-shirts with the official symbols of UCP on the front and the slogan “enough!” on the back.

Mikalai Alionushkin, chief of Mahilou regional police, claims the police officers acted within their authority, while the citizens violated the law about mass actions – by organizing an illegal picket using T-shirts for slogans.

The activists detained on July 27 accused the police officers of failing to explain their rights and what they were harged with.

One of the detained, UCP activist Siarhei Straltsou commented for RFE/RL : “Some people in mahilou are deprived of the right to choose their clothing. In general, they are not allowed to stand out from the masses, otherwise they would be detained right away. No one would pay attention if same T-shirts were on someone else”.

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