Barysau: Trade Union Files Fourth Application for Registration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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The primary unit of the Belarusian Trade Union of Radio-electronic Industry has filed an application for its registration for the fourth time.

The first time the trade union activists tried to get the organization registered at Barysau factory of Automobile and Tractor Electric Supplies, but the primary unit fell apart because its members were made redundant. The second time the factory refused to provide a legal address to the unit. The third time workers of the ideological department interfered with the registration. The authorities refused to register the unit ˜because the filed documents didn’t comply with the instruction’. This answer surprised the applicants quite a lot. Then they found that the chair of the primary unit Anton Dzemiantsevich had been invited ˜for a talk’ to the chair of the ideological department Liudmila Harnak. After this ˜talk’ Mr Dzemiantsevich composed an application to the deputy chair of Barysau City Executive Committee Shutko with the refusal to head the primary unit of the trade union. As a result the primary unit elected a new chairman and filed the fourth application. They are still awaiting the registration.