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Homel: Unknown Persons Assault Public Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of Charter’97

In Homel unknown persons beat two youngsters who were wearing T-shirts and badges with the inscription For Freedom! One of the victims is still in hospital, with a swollen lip and some teeth knocked out. The youngsters say that two persons of athletic constitution in dark clothes and caps approached them and started asking what organization the activists represented. Then they ordered the activists to put off the T-shirts. When they refused, the ˜athletes’ started beating them. The victims are of the opinion that this action was directed by the police or secret services. ˜However, this event only assures us that the authorities fear our activity’, they said.

By the way, recently the police raided the places where youth activists meet and tried to convince the latter ones of the correctness of the official policy. They also confiscated badges with the inscriptions For Freedom! and 16.

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