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Mahiliou: Authorities Pressurize Mother and Children of Public Activist Krystsina Shatsikava

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian regime again starts pressurizing the families of political and public activists. This time it has happened to Krystsina Shatsikava’s family, while the activist was in Minsk. Several days ago Krystsina’s mother Sviatlana was called to a pedagogical council that took place at the secondary school where her grandson Iahor learned. After this event the mother phoned Krystsina crying and told her that the main role at the council was played by some Iauhen Mikhailavich (who mumbled his surname and position indistinctly, but left his contact telephone: 8 0222 412497). This man stated that Krystsina was an antisocial person and therefore it was necessary to deprive her of parental rights and send Iahor to a children’s community. Being asked what the criteria by which he recognized her anti-sociality were, he openly answered: ˜Why has she interfered with politics? You know the possible outcome.’

Krystsina’s mother has higher education in pedagogical field, that’s why he insistently asked the teachers whether they had any pretensions to Iahor’s progress in education or his behavior. The class master answered they had no, but ˜What if we’ll have some in future? That’s why it is necessary to start taking measures right now!’

Iahor got very frightened that he could be sent to a children’s community. Krystsina commented on the authorities’ actions to the press-service of the United Civil Party: ˜One can’t turn history back and revive Stalin’s or Hitler’s regime. It is totally impossible, though some people crave for it. Of course, one can imprison or shoot everybody and send children to the hell called ˜children’s community’, but it is too late for intimidation. We are already tired of fear and humiliation. People must also take responsibility for their deeds and receive punishments for their crimes. No one can abolish human rights without violating all laws known, including the Constitution. Don’t irritate God and mothers. Spare your relatives’ future.’

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