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United Civil Party Intend to Get Criminal Case Brought against Doctors of Mental Home Who Injected Medicines to Party Activist for 10 Days

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Deutsche Welle

Hrodna regional branch of the United Civil Party prepares an application to the prosecutor’s office with the demand to bring a criminal case against the medics of the local psychiatric hospital. Russian psychiatrists have concluded that there the party activist Pavel Iazerski underwent the medical treatment inadequate to the state of his health.

Mr Iazerski was detained on 7 July, during the action that was dedicated to commemoration of the ORT cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski, who had disappeared on 7 July 2000. After he refused to testify at the police, he was taken to the psychiatric hospital and was treated there for 10 days with pills and injections. According to his mother, his diagnosis wasn’t mentioned in the documents that he received on discharge from there. Neither did the medics inform him which medicines he had been given. She also says that there he was made to sign a ˜free-will’ agreement for psychiatric treatment and was warned against political activity for the fear of being taken to the hospital once again.

The chair of one of the departments of Hrodna psychiatric hospital Aliaksandr Muryn stated that Mr Iazerski needed treatment at that time, but he couldn’t discuss his patients’ diagnoses in public. Hrodna state TV interpreted this story by telling the opposition drew psychically ill people to participation in its actions.

As a result, the UCP leaders decided to hold an independent medical expertise of the psychical health of its activist Pavel Iazerski. He underwent such examination in Russia and received a medical conclusion, according to which he had no psychical illnesses, only a nervous breakdown that people often experience in stress situation. By the way, Pavel’s family has recently lost two members, his father and brother.

˜That’s why I think that Mr Iazerski was kept at the hospital on the authorities’ order, not because he was ill’, commented the chair of Hrodna regional UCP branch Iury Istomin. ˜His case is a typical example of punitive psychiatry that was applied to dissidents in the USSR. The activities of the police were lawless and the doctors were either incompetent or purposefully used the medicines for political oppression. We hope that bringing a criminal case against the medics of Hrodna psychiatric hospital will get a wide public resonance and keep the authorities back from sending people to lunatic asylums for their political views,’ he said.

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